CSV Versions of the daily datafiles from the devs as well as some of the datasets I've collected over the years.

CSV Files



Each of the CSV files has a link in the description where you can either download or copy the link to insert in a spreadsheet. To insert in a spreadsheet right click the link and select Copy Link (or similar) from the popup menu. The files from the dev produced datafiles should be inserted using the import (or similar) function in your spreadsheet so they will be updated as needed while the ones from my datasets (which are static) will give best performance by first downloading to your device and then uploading to your spreadsheet.

Dev Datafiles

These files are regenerated every day from the datafiles published by the devs. Bear in mind that these files are NOT live (neither are the xML files from the devs). They are re-generated each day at approximately 00:30 Illy time.

Coastal Towns
Alliance Roles
Alliance Relationships


These are static files which are generated from various datasets I've gathered over the years of making tools for Illy.

All(?) Items
Crafted Item Effects
Crafted Item Recipes
Faction Trade Hubs