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A Collection of Tools & Utilities for the MMORTS Illyriad


About Illyriad

The world of Illyriad is a strange place - strange even for the realm of online fantasy games. What makes it different? Mainly the players but also the actual game. Below are what (for me) are the major differences.

  • Unlike the majority of other online games that I've played over many years, new players are welcomed and helped rather than preyed upon by the established players.
  • The game is structured in such a way that there is no 'win'. Rather it is an ongoing journey that has an end only when you the player decides.
  • Although there is a capability to buy an ingame currency (Prestige) this has limited uses so that there can be no 'pay to win' style situations.
  • Unlike many other online games there is only one world in Illyriad.
  • There is no 'reset' in the game - it is designed to continue forever.
  • Although the game has a military element you can never be completely wiped out by other players. Only the devs have the power to remove a player from the game and that is very rarely done and to the best of my knowledge only for a major breach of the rules.
  • There is no right or wrong way of playing the game. You decide if you want to be a trader, hunter, warrior or a combination of any/all of these.

About me

  • I'm completely self-centered. Everything I do is based on 'What do I get out of this?
  • I try to be open and honest in my dealings with others.
  • I'm of the opinion that animals (especially dogs) are much better than people.
  • I do what I can to help others based on the theory that the more folks I help the more likely I am to get help when I need it (see first point).
  • I spend large amounts of time contemplating strange and (to most) worthless facts/ideas/bits of information.

  • I'm completely self taught in the areas of web-pages, javascript etc but did complete courses as a VMS operator and system manager.
  • I spent over 23 years in the British Army and since leaving have worked in a plastic recycling company, a quarantine kennel, as a cleaner, running a commercial embroidery machine, updating flight manuals and installing/testing fibre & copper network cabling.

I'm a Grumpy Old Git!