Sent By:GM Cerberus
Received By:TenScript
Hello again!

I wanted to take a moment and send you a helpful IGM (in-game-message) in the hopes that you will not feel overwhelmed during your first few days in Illyriad. It is a massive game with many different modes of play, and so I put together a list of links and information that you might find handy.

Keep in mind that GC (general chat) is one of the best places for information, along with an alliance.

But, beyond that, you might feel like searching for information on your own. Check out these links:

First, look at our YouTube page. It's filled with helpful videos and interviews.

Next, you'll want to seek the official forums. While you don't have to sign up to read most of the posts, you will need to register if you want to take part in the discussions there.

If you need help with player issues (let's say you think someone is breaking the rules) then contact me, GM Cerberus. Here is my in-game profile. Click on my name and hit "send message." All of the current rules are on that profile as well. You agreed to follow these rules when you agreed to play, so be sure to read up on them!

If you need to report a tech-related issue, file a petition instead.

If you want to change your chat options (like font size) do so here.

Last, I want to let you know about our philosophy on "buying power." Many games allow you to purchase resources or even fighting units. We do not. We sell prestige. Prestige will make a building finish faster, will buff your resource output slightly and will give you a slight buff to military power. These buffs are slight, however, so player knowledge and skill is still the greatest weapon in Illyriad.

Most players do not purchase prestige, which is fine. Feel free to play the game for absolutely no money!

You cannot speed up research times. Most new players ask about that. Research times are the great "brake" in Illyriad; they help balance the game. Luckily, the first few hours in Illyriad should not be too bogged down with long builds and research times.

Remember, if you have any questions about gameplay, try your alliance chat or general chat. If you have an issue with player behavior, cheating or any other "rules" type issue, contact GM Cerberus. (That's me!)

Now, go conquer the world!

GM Cerberus